Thursday, February 15, 2001

Enos 1:15

"Wherefore, I knowing that the Lord God was able to preserve our records, I cried unto him continually, for he had said unto me: Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it."
Enos 1:15

I think this is cool... Enos asked God for stuff all the time, because God told him that if he had faith, whatever he wanted that was good would happen.  so he asked... "continually."  I think that is great... and something that we can emulate.  sometimes it feels like we are pushing our luck when we ask God for things... and maybe we are, if they aren't things that are good for us.  But good things... we can ask for them all day, and he will be happy to give them to us. :)  Just think if you went up to your earthly dad... he knows you, and he expects you to ask for money... and *instead* you ask for a grocery cart full of frozen vegetables so that you can stay healthy at college. :)  It still costs him money... but he doesn't mind because you are asking for something good... and he knows you can't trade vegetables for pizza. :)  God is like that... and he'll never turn us down because he isn't limited financially... or at all. :)  As long as it is something good for us, he'll give it to us, as soon as we can handle it (you know, like we might have to get a new freezer before our dad could buy us that many vegetables at once... he might have to get us a few bags at a time...).  Anyway... God wants to give us stuff.  He loves us, and he wants us to be happy.  So... let's ask for some happiness... a new friend... a reason to smile. :)  Ask for forgiveness... ask for the ability to change.  Ask for motivation and good desires... Ask for an opportunity to help someone else.  Ask for patience and a change of heart.  Ask for the ability to love the people around you.  Ask for a lot of good things... and I promise (and more importantly... God says right here in the scriptures)... we will get them. :)  Let's take a chance... give it a try. :)

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