Friday, February 16, 2001

James 1:8

"A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."
James 1:8

Short and sweet today.  I thought this was really good, despite its brevity... there are so many things in life pulling us different ways.  But the many things boil down to two... God and Satan.  And so often, we can't decide between the two.  We’re like... "Well... can't I have just a *little* bit of Satan's plan?"  ... but like C.S. Lewis says... we have to give up even the smallest and most intimate souvenirs of hell, if we are going to commit to heaven.  We can't think that the roller coaster in Satan's amusement park is better.  People die on that ride.  Scary and dangerous and little bits of death crowding into your soul.  We have to let it go.  God's park has better rides... and they are safe safe safe.  Maybe they aren't as scary... but isn't that a *good* thing?  We can't go through our lives letting the wind blow us whatever way it wants to.  We can't run from God to Satan and back again all the time and think that is okay, and the right thing to do.  We have to decide... commit.  And then throw everything we have and are into the decision.  Oh, and by the way... the correct decision is God. :)  Heaven is such a better place.  Real happiness, deep happiness... not shallow thrills that disappear in an instant, leaving you with regret.  Love that never dies, or even gets sick... :)  Constancy, confidence... truth.  Good stuff.  Today... let’s let go of our little refrigerator magnets that we picked up at the Hell gift shop... and dedicate ourselves to a superior brand of entertainment. :)  God's offerings are better quality, and better, longer-lasting fun... no contest. :)

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