Thursday, July 27, 2000

James 1:5

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."
James 1:5

This is a great scripture.  Not only because it was the inspiration for Joseph Smith to actually go out and ask God what was up with all the different churches... but also because we can find wisdom in our own lives.  Seriously, we all lack wisdom.  We all have a little in different areas... but compared to God, we all lack a whole lot of wisdom. :)  And so, where do we go to ask?  To other people, who don't have much either, or to God?  (you can get this right, I believe in you) ... to God! :)  Not to say at all that God doesn't teach us things through other people... but we should never mistake and think that that is the source of the knowledge.  And it is cool that he offers wisdom to everyone, without rebuking or chastising us (which is what upbraid means, I had to look it up...).  And the only other thing is that the scripture goes on to say that we need to have faith as we are asking.  Believe that God wants you to have wisdom, and that he will help you to get it.  Because... he does, and he will.  So, try it... when you are stuck and you need some wisdom... ask God.  He'll answer you.  It might be in an unexpected way, or require a little bit of patience (oh no!!!) but the answer will definitely come. :)

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