Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Psalms 25:8-9 -- On Learning and Meekness

"Good and upright is the Lord: therefore will he teach sinners in the way.
The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way."
Psalms 25:8-9

Sometimes we get into a mindset where we think that God won't help us because we're not worthy of his help, or that he doesn't love us because we've done something wrong.  ... I am definitely not saying that there are no consequences for sin, or that we don't need to work on our worthiness, but the idea that God will abandon us in our time of need if we turn to him for help is false.  He loves us, and is *always* willing to welcome us back if we are trying to do the right thing.

The key to the whole thing I think is the second verse.  Meekness.  Meek doesn't mean doormat or milktoast.  It means being receptive to learning from the spirit and from the people around us who are also trying to do the right thing.  It's letting go of pride and thinking that we are better than others or perfect the way we are, admitting that we need to change, and being willing to accept the help that we need in order to do that.  It's learning to stay calm in the midst of the storms of life and to trust in the Lord.  It's learning to make the right and appropriate decisions even when we feel like being a little bit more dramatic.

Today, as sinners (and who isn't?), let's be willing to learn from the Lord, and he will teach us in his way.  Let's work to put God first and to love other people (all of them).  As we do, we will be guided and taught and grow closer and closer to God, who is the source of hope, joy, and peace, and every other good thing.

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