Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mosiah 29:40

"And they did wax strong in love towards Mosiah; yea, they did esteem him more than any other man; for they did not look upon him as a tyrant who was seeking for gain, yea, for that lucre which doth corrupt the soul; for he had not exacted riches of them, neither had he delighted in the shedding of blood; but he had established peace in the land, and he had granted unto his people that they should be delivered from all manner of bondage; therefore they did esteem him, yea, exceedingly, beyond measure."
Mosiah 29:40

 I think this is amazing.  It's so deeply awesome for a king... or any leader... to care so much about his people, to establish peace, to teach and labor for their welfare, and to even be willing to give up personal power in order to help his society move to a better form of government.  This is an example that we don't often see.  Maybe that's why it is hard for us to believe in the compassion and love of God... because we so rarely see it from anyone who has power.  And yet, at least on a smaller scare, we do see it.  We see it in parents, who have extreme amounts of power over their children, and yet use that power to teach and love and often sacrifice personal power for the greater good of the family.  We also see it sometimes in teachers and other non-family organizations.  There are definitely good people out there who care more about people than power.  Mosiah was one of them in a perfect situation where he could help his whole society... and even if we as individuals aren't kings of anything at all, we can still use the power that we do have for good.  We can care about the people who help and serve us, and treat them with compassion and love.  When we're on the helping and serving side of things, we still have power, and we can use it to make life better for the people around us rather than worse.  Mosiah was a king.  He could have let people serve him and eaten the Nephite equivalent of bon-bons all day.  Instead, he studied and worked and made life better for everyone.  And not saying that bon-bons are evil.  Just saying that we can probably do some good and eat them for dessert anyway. :)  No matter how small the scope of our power, today let's follow Mosiah's example.  Let's make things better.  Let's love, and care, and improve things... caring about people more than power, and God more than gold. :) 

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