Thursday, September 5, 2013

Malachi 2:10

"Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?"
Malachi 2:10

Why can't we all just get along, right? :)  This verse is interesting because it says that we should get along because we are in the same family, created by the same God... and asks why we would dead treacherously with our brothers.  We live in a world where being in a family doesn't necessarily equal getting along, but it usually (hopefully) does still mean that we won't rob each other blind. :)   And, at least for me personally, I can see that I would truly treat people differently if I were dealing with one of my brothers instead.
The thing is, I *am* dealing with my brothers, and sisters, all the time, no matter what I do.  We all are.  Maybe we forget that too easily, or never actually realize how huge that idea is.  We don't always get along in families... you know.  But there are different rules.  We can't dismiss each other.  We have to learn to get along.  We defend each other if something bad happens.  We hope that good things will happen.  We rejoice when our siblings learn. or become better.  We are included in their lives, even if it is peripherally.
Imagine... even with our least-loved siblings, if we loved the rest of the world that way, and kept them in our inner circles that way.  Even most of our poorest relationships with a sister or brother would turn the world into a near-paradise, if they were applied universally.  And with the ones that wouldn't, well, we probably need to be nicer to our families. :)  But the main lesson here is that we have a lot to learn about inclusion and oneness.  We can't build a Zion community if we think of everyone else as strangers and aliens... people who don't belong, who we don't like... who aren't part of us.  And I am not saying it is easy, but today, if we want to learn this lesson, let's think about the people around us that we don't love.  That we don't want as part of our community... and let's figure out how to change that.  On *our* side... without them doing anything.  God loves them.  *He* wants them as part of his community.  Let's ask him to teach us why.

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