Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mosiah 15:25

"And little children also have eternal life."
Mosiah 15:25

In this chapter Abinadi is preaching to King Noah and his wicked entourage, including Alma, who in a later chapter pleads for Abinadi's life, writes his words, and starts a whole religious movement among his people.  And that makes all of it worth it, but at this point Abinadi probably knows that the king and his priests are going to have him put to death as soon as he finishes speaking.  And he's teaching the gospel to all of these people who are trying to find a reason to put him to death... and only one of them is really listening.  That had to have been hard.  I have been there just teaching writing classes, with no death threat over my head, and it was hard.  But Abinadi doesn't falter, and he stops and adds this verse that isn't calling any of these wicked men to repentance.  No mothers or children are in the room.  Only one person is listening to him.  Why say it?  Because it is part of the gospel, and he was inspired and thorough when teaching it, despite the fact that he was going to be shortly put to death.  God knew that it would matter, later, and Abinadi was listening to God.
This statement of simple truth matters to so many people who have experienced the loss of a child in their lives, and all the things that Abinadi said, even though only one person was listening to him at the time... they impacted generations of people, and changed so many lives.  They are changing lives still.
Sometimes we are in situations ourselves that seem pointless or meaningless.  We feel like things that we say or do can't possibly make any difference.  No one is listening, and all of our efforts are only bringing us closer to our own inevitable mortality.  What are we really accomplishing?  But like Abinadi, nothing we do that is good is meaningless.  We don't know who is listening to us, or how our words will impact people in the future.  God knows how each of our lives work into the tapestry of life, beautifying the whole, and each of us are needed.  Today, let's remember Abinadi.  Let's do the right thing, and work to help the people around us whether or not we feel like we are having any impact.  God has the future under control.  All we have to worry about is doing the right thing today. :)

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