Monday, May 13, 2002

Doctrine and Covenants 8:10

"Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith.  Trifle not with these things; do not ask for that which you ought not."
Doctrine and Covenants 8:10

A good reminder for today.  Faith is behind everything that we do.  Our whole lives shift according to the amount of confidence and belief we have in ourselves and in God.  Our ability and desire to do good and to achieve great things increases when we believe in ourselves.  Also, since faith is so powerful, it is scary to direct it in unproductive ways, such as believing that we will fail.  Believing that we are not smart, or not good enough, or that we can never be redeemed.  If you had a magic lamp and three wishes, you would have to be very careful to ask for things that were super important and you would examine each of them to make sure that they couldn't be interpreted in a bad way. :)  We have to be careful with our own attitudes and desires in the same way.  We can do and become anything that we believe is possible for us... and if we can't live our eyes out of the mud, that is all we will ever see (Hidden Yertle the Turtle reference here...). :)
God will give liberally to those that ask... but we have to be careful about what we ask.  Sometimes we are confronted with a difficult life lesson and we plead and plead with the Lord to not make us learn it... and he listens to us, and delays the lesson.  But without that lesson that we are so frightened of that we plead with the Lord to take it away... without that lesson, we are stuck.  Our forward progress is halted, by our own choice.  If instead we asked for the strength to deal with the lesson, he would grant that strength.  Something that I need to remember, definitely... and a good reminder today, that we should ask for good things, and not things that will halt our progress.  The Lord's will and our wills clash sometimes... often even... but the Lord can see better than we can, and he knows the lessons that we need to learn. :)

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