Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Psalms 103:10

"He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities."
Psalms 103:10

This is a good thing to remember.  Sometimes we think that we have done too many bad things, or that we are bad people, and that God isn't going to listen to us if we pray.  We wonder how we can overcome our imperfect pasts to become worthy in the sight of God.  Thankfully, God doesn't change toward us when we change toward him.  Every time we repent, he is still merciful, and he still loves us, forgives us, and offers us eternity.  Unfortunately, many of us don't respond well to love and mercy.  We keep doing bad things, figuring if he isn't angry yet, then we can keep on doing whatever we want.  Yikes is all I can say. :)  Today, let's thank God for his mercy and for loving us in spite of our rebellions... and take advantage of God's patience and love by repenting and strengthening our relationship with him.

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