Sunday, December 24, 2000

Psalms 97:11

"Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart."
Psalms 97:11

I like this... it makes me think... what does light grow into? :)  You sow light, you reap... what?  Bigger light, right?  Lots and lots until it fills you up, and then overflows, and you are just dripping light as you walk down the street.  And I've met people like that.  :)  Not dripping smarmy insincerity or anything... but real light.  They are filled to overflowing, and when you meet them, you can't help getting some on your clothes. :)  Gladness and light just strewn about all over the living room, and you can tell it affects all the people there.  I've even felt that way at times... and let me tell you, it feels SO much better than radiating sorrow and discontent.  Really, I promise. :)  So, then is the more sobering question... why do we choose discontent instead of gladness?  because it feels more valid and real to us?  we must be wild pessimists.  :)   Light and Gladness are there for the taking... seeds everywhere, and if we plant them, they will grow so well and quickly that we won't be able to resist being happy... as C. S. Lewis says in Till We Have Faces... "Why should your heart not dance?"  and, you know... don't try to come up with an answer.  There isn't one.  Rhetorical question.  Your heart SHOULD dance... your soul... all of you.  And you can be there.  No matter what is bad in your life... choose light, choose gladness.  Clean out the sad things and the depressing, moldy things... and let the little man in the refrigerator turn the light on. :)
Okay, okay... there is no little man in the refrigerator... but there IS God, and his light doesn't go off when you close the door. :)  Promise. :)

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