Monday, December 4, 2000

D&C 97:27-28 -- On Being the Hero

"Nevertheless, let it be read this once to her ears, that I, the Lord, have accepted of her offering; and if she sin no more none of these things shall come upon her.
And I will bless her with blessings, and multiply a multiplicity of blessings upon her, and upon her generations forever and ever, saith the Lord your God.  Amen."
Doctrine and Covenants 97:27-28

This scripture is talking about Zion, in general... but, as with the woman taken in adultery... it applies to each of us individually.  Dire things have been foretold... dire things may be happening to us right now, as a consequence of choices that we have made.  Just remember... we can make other choices... we can avoid the tragic ending.  Just like in a story, the narrator can tell us of the awful curse that the hero has brought upon herself... and perhaps, for a while, the hero suffers it.  But the hero never gives in to the despair... she might hang her head for a moment... but she always manages to escape.  To find some hope, somewhere, to keep her going.  To banish the curse, to bring blessings and honor to her kingdom.

When we offer a broken heart and a contrite spirit... when we come before the Lord in humility, knowing how we have failed to be heroic... knowing we have brought shame to our kingdom... the Lord always offers a remedy.  He sends us on a quest... to obtain something, or to gain some wisdom.  The tasks seem impossible at times, but they are not.  The Lord knows that we have the power to accomplish them.  And when we have, and we return, we have learned the confidence to stand in his presence and offer everything that we are to him... knowing that he will return our hearts and souls to us, better and stronger than they were before. 

No matter what curse is slated to befall us now... the Lord offers us a remedy.  The true love fighting through the briar... the tears that can cure blindness... or the simple offering of a broken heart and a contrite spirit... the recognition that God can heal even the wounds that seem to be death-blows to our spirits.  Trust him... there is always a happy ending in store.

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