Saturday, December 23, 2000

Mosiah 26:3

"And now because of their unbelief they could not understand the word of God; and their hearts were hardened."
Mosiah 26:3

So, this is interesting... faith affects comprehension. :)  We have to be able to imagine something... to embrace the possibility of it, before we can truly understand it.  I think that Einstein did this superbly... that's why he said that imagination was more important than knowledge... because, without the hope... the faith can't thrive, and without the faith, the knowledge never comes.  We have to open our minds to the possibilities instead of snapping them shut on other people's ideas... especially God's, because you know... he has the biggest imagination of them all.  He imagined us becoming like him... he imagined the whole plan of salvation... and then he DID it.  That's amazing.  And you know, it isn't just quote religious things unquote. :)  It's all of life (which really involves God as well, but you know... sometimes we like to imagine our lives as separate)... it's *everything* .... it's imagining what you want to accomplish... it's dreaming amazing things, and then making them happen.  It's not hanging your head and saying "but what can *I* do about it... it's imagining, believing that you CAN make a difference, and then making it happen.  Belief, faith... it is more powerful than anything.  Remember the Brother of Jared?  He imagined that he could make some stones, and if God would touch them, they would provide a source of light.  Who imagines that, even today?  And, he made the stones... doing all he could to fulfill his dream, and then he took his dream to God, and said... here, this is what I've imagined, here is what I did... and if you will, you can make the rest happen.  And God did.  And a Leper did almost the same thing... he came to Christ and he said, Lord... if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.  He imagined it... and Christ did it.  The woman that touched the hem of Christ's garment... she did the same thing.  She imagined it, she believed in it, and she DID it... and it worked.  The faith to be healed, the faith to see... the faith to pray...... no matter what it is that you can imagine, that is good of course, it can happen.  This is God we are talking about, and us as his children and heirs... what is there that we couldn't accomplish?  God shows us this over and over in the scriptures... individuals doing huge, miraculous things... because they believed that God would help them do it, whatever it was.  And it works with anything.  If we need help out of a hole that we have dug for ourselves... we can believe there is a way out, and take it... because there is ALWAYS a way, we just have to imagine it.
And then life in general... do we believe we are building something worthwhile?  What are we working towards? :)  The possibilities are always endless. :)
Let's be imaginative today... believe in something good that enraptures us... and then go out there and make it real. :)  God is so cool.

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