Saturday, February 24, 2018

1 Nephi 7:15 -- On Consequences

"Now behold, I say unto you that if ye will return unto Jerusalem ye shall also perish with them. And now, if ye have choice, go up to the land, and remember the words which I speak unto you, that if ye go ye will also perish; for thus the Spirit of the Lord constraineth me that I should speak."
1 Nephi 7:15

This is Nephi speaking to his brothers, and I think it is a message that God shares with us a lot.  Basically, "It is your choice, but I want you to understand the consequences."  And that's where it is often hard.  It's easy to make a bad choice if you think that there won't be consequences, but when God reminds us that there *are* consequences, it gets a little more complex. :)

Today, let's think about the consequences of our behaviors and modify our actions as necessary.  Let's remember God's great love for us, and ask him for help and guidance.  We don't have to face life alone.

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