Thursday, February 15, 2018

Isaiah 42:18 -- On Choosing to Hear and See

"Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see."
Isaiah 42:18

This is an interesting scripture because it seems to be calling us to overcome weaknesses and obstacles in our lives that we don't usually think of as chosen.  It might be a cruel thing to ask someone with those physical challenges (although of course God and faith can overcome those challenges too, if it is God's will), but I think in this case God is referring to something spiritual.

I think we often choose spiritual blindness and deafness, not as active choices, but kind of as a default when we get too busy for God.  We stop looking and listening and perceiving God's hand in the world  around us--stop feeling his love for others, and his mercy and kindness in our own lives.  It isn't even usually a dramatic thing where we have committed some gigantic sin (at least at first) and feel an immediate lessening in our spirituality.  Instead, we let it go little by little as we neglect the maintenance of that most important of all relationships--our friendship with God.

Today, let's not let our spirituality level lessen through inattention.  Let's look to God, and make sure that we are staying close to him, hearing and seeing and attentive to his instructions and help.

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