Monday, September 8, 2008

1 Nephi 8:8-10

"And after I had traveled for the space of many hours in darkness, I began to pray unto the Lord that he would have mercy on me, according to the multitude of his tender mercies.
And it came to pass after I had prayed unto the Lord I beheld a large and spacious field.
And it came to pass that I beheld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy."
1 Nephi 8:8-10

I think it is weird that we spend so much time searching for happiness in this life, and rarely finding it.  Lehi, who is the speaker above, knew how to get off the roller-coaster ride.  He found the happiness.   Because it didn't look like happiness to some of his sons, they never tried it to see how it tasted.  Perhaps they thought that happiness had to come in a different form... that it doesn't grow on trees. :) But it does.  It isn't something that can be packaged in multi-colored boxes or marketed in a 30-second commercial during the super bowl.  It isn't man-made.  It's a natural result of following the gospel path to the end, of discovering Christ for ourselves, in our own lives... and applying that knowledge through obedience and love.  When we find ourselves in the darkness, we can pray to find the tree.  Happiness is there.  Now, if we can just stop looking in other places... :)

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