Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Nephi 5:17-19

"And now when my father saw all these things, he was filled with the Spirit, and began to prophesy concerning his seed--
That these plates of brass would go forth unto all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people who were of his seed.
Wherefore, he said that these plates of brass should never perish; neither should they be dimmed any more by time. And he prophesied many things concerning his seed."
1 Nephi 5:17-19

I wonder if this is talking about the writings on the plates of brass, or the plates of brass themselves.  And do you think that they will go to his seed only, or everyone?  It would be cool to see the plates of brass, and to see how much they differ from the Bible... because, hopefully at that time there weren't many (any?) mistranslations, but it was a pure source.  Comparing it to our current Bible would be very instructive.  I think it is cool as well, that having the Spirit is always connected with prophecy.  It reminds us of the things that we need to do in our lives to gain and keep the companionship of the Spirit in our lives.  There are SO many things to learn out there... so many things that we already have, that we don't have to find or have re-discovered.  The plates of Brass would be amazing... but do we even know the scriptures that we have already?  Have we been listening to the Spirit to find the truths that are all around us now?  I think that when we are ready for more, that the Lord will be more than willing to offer more... I just don't think that we are yet using what we already have to advantage.  We doubt the truths we already know, and we neglect the opportunities all around us to gain more.  So, today... let's get ready for the plates of brass, and all the other amazing things that are in store... let's try to get a handle on what we have now, and endeavor to listen to the Spirit to guide us to any truth we have to find around us. :)

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