Sunday, November 11, 2001

Helaman 5:51

"And as many as were convinced did lay down their weapons of war, and also their hatred and the tradition of their fathers."
Helaman 5:51

This is an amazing thing, and much harder than it sounds. :)  We all have hatred to let go of, and traditions that we need to leave behind.  And, it takes some incredible determination to let go of these things.  The Lamanites in this story astound me because it states so matter-of-factly that they let go of these things that were so much a part of their lives.  They gave them up when they found a better way.
It doesn't always seem that easy to me. :)  Bias and personal grudges, and things that you learn the wrong way... those seem like the hardest things of all to get rid of.  But, as with all things, God shows us an example, and is there to help us along the way.  Learning to love is hard work, but the rewards more than equal the struggle.  I think it is that way with all of God's lessons.  Sometimes they scare us so much that we cower in the corner and say that we don't want to learn any more... but just like the scary things in childhood, once we face our fears and accept the lesson, we have whole new avenues of possibility and joy open up to us.  As we trust God, even the hardest things to understand will become clear.  Hatred is a poisonous thing.  Let's get rid of it. :)

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