Tuesday, November 7, 2000

3 Nephi 3:19

"Now it was the custom among all the Nephites to appoint for their chief captains, (save it were in their times of wickedness) some one that had the spirit of revelation and also prophecy; therefore, this Gidgiddoni was a great prophet among them, as also was the chief judge."
3 Nephi 3:19

This is great.  For those of you outside of the United States, today is a big election day here, where we have the opportunity to choose some of our leadership.  It's interesting to look back on the Nephites and see how they chose.  And, you know... it isn't only about significant political leaders, but who we choose to follow in our personal lives... who are our heroes of every day?  Which people do we admire?  Who are we trying to emulate?  How do we choose?  And I am not saying that there aren't amazing people out there, in so many places... we don't necessarily have to pick our heroes from among the 12 apostles. :)  Only that the method of choice is something to think about... how do we choose our heroes?  How do we decide who to vote for, and who to become?  What qualities and talents are we looking for, and developing?  The Nephites knew what they were looking for... do we?

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