Monday, August 7, 2017

1 Nephi 22:3 -- On Temporal and Spiritual Lessons

"Wherefore, the things of which I have read are things pertaining to things both temporal and spiritual; for it appears that the house of Israel, sooner or later, will be scattered upon all the face of the earth, and also among all nations."
1 Nephi 22:3

Nephi is explaining a prophecy of Isaiah here, and the part that caught my eye today is after his brothers ask if the words are to be interpreted spiritually.  ... Kind of like we do a lot too, especially with Isaiah... wonder how to interpret it, and whether it is literal or figurative.  Nephi's answer is interesting because he doesn't take one of the obvious choices, but instead confirms that the choices themselves are suspect.

God's lessons are almost always , as Nephi instructs, both temporal and spiritual. We can't only learn one side and not the other... much like the purpose of life (or one of them).  We got a body, and we're here to learn about it and use it.  Not just as a temporary, disposable caravan for the soul, but as part of the new whole we are becoming... spirit and body united and inseparable.  Not to trap us, but to enhance us, and increase our capacity for joy.

Today, let's remember that God's lessons are for every part of life, not just things that we should think about on the Sabbath.

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