Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Matthew 20:32-33 -- On Opening Our Eyes

"And Jesus stood still, and called them, and said, What will ye that I shall do unto you?
They say unto him, Lord, that our eyes may be opened."
Matthew 20:32-33

This is from an event where Christ healed two blind men who were bold enough to keep asking, even after being told to quiet down.  I think that this teaches us not only to be bold and persistent in asking the Lord to help us, but also to ask wisely.  In this case, the blind men asked to have a weakness make strong, and I think that we can all ask for that, although of course the process might take longer than it took for these men to be able to see.  Mental and Spiritual changes sometimes take an extended period of practice and adjustment before we learn to be comfortable with the new reality.  Can you imagine living your whole life blind, and then suddenly being able to see?  It might take a while to learn how to deal with a new sense.
I think we are all like these blind men in a lot of ways.  Not just figuratively, either.  Consider the stories of Elisha and his servant (2 Kings 6:17) or Balaam and his ass (Numbers 22:31)... or even Adam and Eve (Moses 4:11).  We are literally blind to many things that God can see clearly.  And whether it is chariots, or angels, or just out own nakedness or inadequacy, sometimes we need God to open our eyes, so that we can learn, and change our actions and our selves to adjust to this new information and knowledge.
Today, let's be aware of our weaknesses and inadequacies.  Let's see reality as it is... not so that it can wear us down, but so that God can lift us up.  We have to realize our blindness before God can cure it.  Let's understand how short sighted we always are, compared to God, and when we do, let's call out to him and ask that our eyes may be opened... to reality, to possibilities, to understanding.  As we do, our lives will be changed just as thoroughly as these men's lives were changed.  Let us never lose hope.  There are so many amazing things waiting for us beyond the limits of our sight.  Let's trust God, and move forward, confident in his guidance and love.

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