Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Psalms 57:7 -- On Being Fixed

"My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise."
Psalms 57:7

I'm sure that the original meaning of "fixed" here is fixed in place, as in steady and unmoving, but when I first read it this morning it totally read as fixed as in repaired. :)  I like both interpretations.  Our hearts need to be steady, not always going back to the beginning and wondering about things we already know.  Like any relationship, if we spend all our time trying to reassure ourselves that the other person really loves us, or require constant "proof" of that fact, then we are stuck doubting our foundation and can never build on it.  With God, we learn about him and grow to know him, but we can't be requesting proof of his existence constantly when we already have the proof in front of us.  Once we've been converted, let's not need to be converted over and over again.  Let's stay steady, and strong, and true, remembering the things that God has done for us individually, as well as for all of humanity.  ... And if we remain fixed and steady, and build on that foundation, then the other interpretation can be true as well.  We come unto God in our brokenness, sometimes broken through external events, but also often having to break ourselves because we've gotten it wrong, and we have to work on improving parts of ourselves that are rebellious and that desire things that will hurt us further.  And no matter why we are broken, God rejoices in our humility and our willingness to change, and through him we are reborn, and become new, and our hearts *are* fixed.  With him, we don't have to be broken anymore.  Today, let's be thankful, and sing and give praise to God, who can repair even our souls.

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