Tuesday, June 2, 2015

D&C 57:11-13 -- On Working With the Spirit

"And again, verily I say unto you, let my servant William W. Phelps be planted in this place, and be established as a printer unto the church.
And lo, if the world receive his writings—behold here is wisdom—let him obtain whatsoever he can obtain in righteousness, for the good of the saints.
And let my servant Oliver Cowdery assist him, even as I have commanded, in whatsoever place I shall appoint unto him, to copy, and to correct, and select, that all things may be right before me, as it shall be proved by the Spirit through him."
Doctrine and Covenants 57:11-13

This section begins with the Lord telling Joseph Smith where the city of Zion would be built.  The Lord tells us that we should buy the land for an inheritance, and proceeds to give other people assignments for being "planted" in the area.  I like that idea of being planted so that we can grow bigger and stronger and more beautiful.  It is also cool how people were assigned to do basic things, like run a store, become a printer, and do some editing. :)  I'm an editor, so I might be a little bit too excited by this part, but the idea that Oliver Cowdery would edit "as it shall be proved by the spirit" is a really cool thing, and I was thinking that it could apply to almost any career or occupation, because God's work isn't just official church business... it is the whole world, and our community and society.  Everything we do that isn't against God's commandments or will we should be able to do with the spirit.  I don't think we realize that sometimes, or consider praying about the work we do... but imagine if we all did.  What if we all prayed to be able to do good, and to touch people's lives, and to make the world better in whatever we did?  We can't all be in the meetings where internationally significant decisions are made, and we can't all raise or teach the next generation, but we can all, wherever we are, lift and help and do everything in our power for God... not just outside work or school hours, but *inside* them as well.  It *does* matter to God how we edit things, as above... so it must matter when we do infinitely more significant things as well, right? :)
Today, let's remember that God is interested in our lives, and he is interested in the impact that we have on the world around us.  He wants our light to shine brightly.  So, let's pray to be able to do that.  Let's pray for our leaders, not just church leaders, but CEOs and Presidents and parents as well.  Let's pray that our companies and our schools and our organizations will be successful in doing good to others, and making the world better.  God can do miracles, and he can touch hearts.  Instead of giving up, let's invest more, pray more, and have the spirit with us *always,* in everything that we do.

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