Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1 Nephi 4:37 -- On Trust and Integrity

"And it came to pass that when Zoram had made an oath unto us, our fears did cease concerning him."
1 Nephi 4:37

This is part of the story of Nephi retrieving the brass plates from Laban.  After he had gotten them (dressed up like and pretending to be Laban), he had Laban's servant follow him outside the city to meet his brothers.  When the servant, Zoram, found out it was Nephi's brothers and not the elders of the church, he was afraid and wanted to run.  He knew his life was in danger.  And Nephi knew that if Zoram went back and reported what happened, that their lives would be in danger as well.  So they tell Zoram that God had commanded them to get the plates, and they promise Zoram his life if he will come and live with them.  And Zoram agrees.  And their fears cease.  Which kind of blows my mind.  I mean, obviously the hand of the Lord was in all of this, and it seems that God softened Zoram's heart and led him to the promised land as well... but someone promises when they are in fear for their life and you immediately trust him?   That doesn't seem like our society at all.  We seem to give our word really lightly, and we talk ourselves out of keeping promises all the time, because of stress or circumstance.  But Zoram's life was being turned upside down.  He had good reason not to trust these people.  Easy to justify breaking your word given under duress and escape at the first opportunity, right?  But he doesn't.  Nephi trust him, not worrying about whether he will keep his word, and truly inviting him into the family.  And he stays true to Nephi all his life, and continues to trust God, even after leaving his homeland far behind.  I admire that kind of vast integrity under stress, and I want to be calm and trustworthy like that.  Today, let's try to be more like Zoram:  full of integrity and worthy of trust, even when our lives are turned upside down.

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