Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alma 17:17

"Therefore they separated themselves one from another, and went forth among them, every man alone, according to the word and power of God which was given unto him."
Alma 17:17

This is an interesting chapter, where the sons of Mosiah go on a missionary journey to preach to the Lamanites, and they divide up to see what they can accomplish.  A previous verse also says that they trusted in the Lord that they would meet again at the close of their journey.  I think that we all have times like this in our lives, where even if we know that we are going to be reunited with someone later, that we have to go it alone.  Sometimes we are facing things alone even with friends and family all around, because we each experience things differently.  There are times in life where we have to learn individual lessons, and sometimes that period in our lives is long, and sometimes it is short, but whatever it is that we have to face alone, we have the word and power of God to help us handle it.  Nothing can separate us from him except our own choices.  Today, whatever we have to face alone, let's remember that God is there to help us even when we feel desolate.  And let's trust that God will not only get us through our trials, but help us find peace and love wherever we are... and after our journey, reunite us with our loved ones.

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