Monday, May 21, 2012

Mosiah 16:13

"And now, ought ye not to tremble and repent of your sins, and remember that only in and through Christ can ye be saved?"
Mosiah 16:13

This is Abinadi talking.  Brief recap for people who don't know the story: Abinadi was preaching in a very wicked city that had a wicked king, and the people bound him and took him to the king.  The king brought him in front of all his wicked priests, so they could question him and find a reason to put him to death... but before they did that, he preached the gospel to them, and one of the wicked priests (Alma) was converted to the gospel and made a huge difference in the church thereafter.
Anyway, repentance... I think we have a tendency to reject the implication from anyone, even prophets, that we need to repent and change our lives.  We're either blind to it, in that justification mode where we think that we're doing fine and we don't need to change, or (sometimes worse) we know that we've got some problems that we need to take care of... but not yet.  We'll get around to it eventually, but first we're going to roll around in the sin a little more because we like the way it squishes between our toes.  And in either of those scenarios, we're losing opportunities, and we're also making it harder to do something different in the future, and change... because the more we justify, the easier it is to justify.  And the more we put things off, the easier it is to put things off.  ... The more we knowingly sin, the harder it is to get to a place where we're sincerely sorry for what we've done, and dedicated to changing.
The truth is, we all need to repent... most of our lives we are in constant need of it.  Sins are like spiritual rocks in the path, and in order to move forward... in order to learn more, and become more, we have to get past them.  Today, no matter how big or small the rocks in front of us are, let's start the process of clearing them away.  Let's repent so that we can move forward with our lives, and become more than we are now.

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