Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alma 10:21

"Yea, well doth he cry, by the voice of his angels that: I will come down among my people, with equity and justice in my hands."
Alma 10:21

I wonder whether we are ready for equity and justice.   I might be overly cynical, but it doesn't seem to happen often... and I think we want equity and justice in some things, but not all.  We want the police to give a ticket to the driver that just cut us off, but we want them to let us slide if we commit an infraction.  I think it is similar with more spiritual things as well.   We know our intentions (usually), and so we want mercy when we do something wrong and then repent (however big or small the offense).  On the other hand, it seems a lot harder to want mercy for someone who has committed an offense against us, no matter how small or large.  If we are getting paid less than other people doing the same job, we are annoyed and claim that it isn't fair... but if we are getting paid more than our fellows, it doesn't seem like such a big deal.  When God comes with equity and justice, I wonder if we will be able to accept equality rather than preferential treatment. :)  It's all part of building a Zion people... we have to change our minds and our hearts in order to enjoy living there. :)

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