Friday, September 27, 2002

John 14:4

"And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know."
John 14:4

Sometimes we imagine to ourselves that God requires too much of us... that we don't have enough information, or that we can't work for a future that we can't see.  Things like that... that God keeps us too much in the dark, and that he is asking us to obey him without offering any reasons.  This scripture is interesting in that light... Christ is telling his disciples that he is off to heaven, and that they know the place, and the way there. And, I think that even though we claim to have no knowledge, we know as much as they did.  The veil might have taken the details from us, but we know the truth, the goodness of that place, and how to get there.  We might not always like it, and we might not always understand that internal knowledge... but that fact remains that it is there.  Our spirits connect us to things, and when we try to deny those connections or ignore them, that is the only time that we get lost. :)

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