Thursday, September 26, 2002

Helaman 11:16

"And now, O Lord, wilt thou turn away thine anger, and try again if they will serve thee?  And if so, O Lord, thou canst bless them according to thy words which thou hast said."
Helaman 11:16

This is cool.  The prophet pleading for his people... and the thing is, he knows that God loves them and wants to bless them... it is really cool that he says, "give them another chance.  if you do, you can bless them, like you've always wanted to."  It's kind of like the whole prodigal son theme... if your loved one comes back into your life, no matter what they have said or done, you want to be able to welcome them back and have that close relationship you've always hoped for.  God wants that with us.  He loves us and wants us back, to talk to, to laugh with... all of it.  Sometimes I have a problem with authority... ask anyone who knows me even a little bit. :)  The thing with God is, even though he knows everything and has power over everything... he has zero of that "authoritative" attitude which rubs me the wrong way.  He never tells us to do anything just for the power trip.  He doesn't change his mind.  It isn't about power and authority at all, really... just about wanting to be with us forever, because he loves us.  So he shows us the way, and does everything possible to help us along the path.  Amazing.  It might be a good thing to imitate this prayer in our personal lives... Ask God to forgive us, and give us another chance... because if he does, then he'll get to bless us and hang out with us more.  It's a great motivation, and so much better than having nothing to offer. :)

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