Thursday, April 4, 2002

Matthew 5:6 -- On Learning to like Righteousness

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."
Matthew 5:6

Interesting.  The way I see this today, it seems like we are all on our way to have dinner at Red Lobster. :)  And the people who are hungry for the type of food they serve there are blessed, because that is what they are going to have an abundance of.  People who wanted some other kind of food, though, are probably going to be sad.  Kind of a weird analogy, I know, but in eternal terms it makes me think that our job is really to teach ourselves to like righteousness. :)  If we get addicted to unrighteousness while we're here, then we're going to be pretty sad when we go to heaven and have the opportunity to feast on goodness, truth, and light... when that isn't what we want.  If we shun evil and make sure it doesn't leave its little barbs in us, then in the end, we'll be filled.  No more holes, no more hunger... complete fulfillment and satisfaction.  Personally, I don't really enjoy Chinese food, and I can just imagine getting together with all of my friends, laughing and joking around, and loving life, and we all crowd into a restaurant and all there is on the menu is Chinese food.  I'm sure I would survive... eat a fortune cookie or something and enjoy the company... :)  But, in the end, I would go away hungry.  I can't imagine getting to heaven and not liking it there, but I know... if I don't learn to love the things that God loves, I am going to be wishing for things that I can never have, instead of enjoying the abundance of things that I do have.  Not a pretty vision.

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