Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Ether 1:43

"And there will I bless thee and thy seed, and raise up unto me of thy seed, and of the seed of thy brother, and they who shall go with thee, a great nation.  And there shall be none greater than the nation which I will raise up unto me of they seed, upon all the face of the earth.  And thus I will do unto thee because this long time ye have cried unto me."
Ether 1:43

I think it is interesting how the Lord rewards persistence and inquisitiveness.  When we give up, we always lose... but when we continue to try, no matter the odds or the improbability, we always have some hope of success.  And, when we ask questions, the Lord delights to answer us.  Not asking gains us nothing.  The verse above is talking about Jared and the Brother of Jared, but it could be anyone... because when we look to God, and we do so consistently, we all get what God has to offer us.  It's just like training for the Olympics.  If you train for 3 years and then give up, you have no chance.... but if you continue to try, who knows what can happen?  Or sitting in a college class, confused.  We can sit there and remain silent, and maybe read the textbook and try to figure it out on our own... but it is a lot easier to just ask the professor. :)  Yesterday, one of my good friends asked me why there hadn't been a scripture of the day for a while... and asking did some good, because here one is. :)

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