Saturday, January 20, 2001

John 17:3

"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."
John 17:3

Today and tomorrow we are going to look at some scriptures that talk about knowing God.  I've been thinking about that subject and it is important to me in my life right now... I need to know God better than I do.  I think probably that we all do... sincerely, how can you make the choice to put the Lord as the number one thing in your life... and remain completely committed to that choice... if you don't know him... who he is, what he means to you?  I think that we do need to know that God is the only true God... but we also need to know the only true God... and know him well.  Having a knowledge of him isn't enough... we need to have a relationship with him.  We need to learn about the bond that ties our souls to his, and honor that relationship... that friendship... that familial connection.  I don't think that there is any question that that bond exists... but sometimes we make light of it... even try to sever it--thinking that we have found something or someone with which we have a stronger or more important bond.  And even though, intellectually, we might know that to be untrue... emotionally, we still feel it.  Why is that, I was wondering... and I think that it might be just because we don't know our Father well enough.  That, of course, is part of the test... we forget our close relationship with our Father when we come to earth... we are left with a bond, but no associated memories.  Then, God isn't right there, in front of us... a commercial pleading for our attention.  He talks to us, but not in the attention-deficit-driven media way that we become accustomed to.  We start to feel regret when we choose God over something else... the immediacy of other relationships that are more easily maintained captures our attention, and we value our bonds to other people more than our bond to God... like astronauts severing the tether to the ship in favor of the tether to their brother astronauts.  No good can come of that.  We can only live and have a relationship with our fellow space travelers *if* we retain the bond with the mother ship.  if we sever that bond, then we are all lost... no matter how closely knit.  The cool thing is... we can have those relationships with other people that we want... we can have important, meaningful bonds with our fellow travelers.  we just have to remember, always, the primacy of our bond with God.  And to appreciate that bond, we have to get to know him... learn about our individual relationship with him... develop it, build it... find out what God is all about, what he loves, what he lives for... learn about our Father and Friend all over again, so that we understand ourselves, and how we are all interconnected... so that we don't resent our lifeline.

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