Saturday, September 3, 2016

2 Nephi 1:13 -- On Freedom and Chains

"O that ye would awake; awake from a deep sleep, yea, even from the sleep of hell, and shake off the awful chains by which ye are bound, which are the chains which bind the children of men, that they are carried away captive down to the eternal gulf of misery and woe."
2 Nephi 1:13

I think this is a good thing to remember.  Sometimes we get it backwards, and think that God is the one trying to restrict our freedom.  God, though, is trying to enhance our freedom and give us more opportunities and better choices.  It's kind of like our parents trying to explain why we shouldn't shoplift or punch people.  Those kinds of things aren't just dangerous to others, or dangerous short term.  They could have long-term effects on our freedom.  And things like going to school or to church *enhance* our freedom by giving us more options in life, and teaching us more about the individual choices that we make.

Satan is trying to chain us with sin.  God is trying to free us from those chains.  Let's not let Satan make us sleepy or confused about who has our best interests at heart.  Let's choose God, and freedom.  Let's repent, and let God open up more and more possibilities in our lives of peace and happiness and good.

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