Thursday, March 17, 2016

Isaiah 16:5 -- On Leaders

"And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness."
Isaiah 16:5

I like this because it shows us some of the leadership qualities of Christ when he returns to sit on the throne of David.  Specifically mercy, truth, judgement, and righteousness.

Sometimes leadership and authority rub us the wrong way.  We don't often like to be told what to do, or to be chastised or reprimanded, or to have to learn anything through sacrifice.  We always want it all. :)  We're like children in that way, often pouting because we want something that we can't have, and not realizing how bad it would be for us if we actually got it.

Earthly leadership doesn't often live up to our expectations either.  Sometimes we get a boss or a teacher who talks right through us and doesn't care an inch about our opinions.  Maybe we have run into bullies and some unrighteous dominion even in our own families.

Despite all of the bad track records we have with others as leaders--and if we're honest, likely also ourselves as leaders--I think that all the walls and resistance that we've built up just melts in considering God as our leader.  He is already, of course, spiritually, but to have him come and lead us here, physically... what an amazing thing that would be.  Bonus because we already know him, and just imagine it... a perfect leader.  One who knows us and loves us individually.  One who can *actually* solve problems, balance needs, and help us become better than we are.

Right now of course, we're on Earth to learn, and we need to face the problems of our world and work to correct them.  We need to be part of the solution, and promote love over hate.  We need to work to bring to pass God's will on the earth.  But maybe when he comes back, things will get a lot better and we can focus on progress rather than remediation a little bit more. :)  I'm looking forward to being able to serve under that great leader.  Let's look forward and work for that day.

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