Thursday, March 10, 2016

D&C 75:16 -- On Overcoming All Things

"And he who is faithful shall overcome all things, and shall be lifted up at the last day."
Doctrine and Covenants 75:16

This is an interesting scripture because it is both awesome and also a little scary.  It is amazing that if we're faithful we're going to be able to overcome everything and be lifted up... meaning not only resurrection, but salvation.  Being able to hang out with God and our loved ones.  I am not sure if there will be board games, but I am sure there will be lots of amazing stuff that is even better. :)

The scary part is that we have to overcome all things. :)  All seems like a lot.  Sometimes in the ups and downs of life we forget about the downs.  We get to a high point and we sometimes think This.  This is it.  I have finally learned happiness, or calm, or love, or generosity, or kindness, or whatever it is that is going so well.  And then the cycle turns down again, and we think... I haven't actually learned anything at all.  Everything is awful.  We're drama queens that way, but I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

As we face "all things," we learn as we go.  We do master some things, at one level, but after we master that level, God turns up the difficulty for level 2, and 3, and 4.  Because we have to learn all of it, not just the tutorial levels. :)  He never turns it up higher than we can figure out, with faith and patience, but it does get harder... and better.  Now we have a foundation.  We know the rules, we learn more and more about how things work, and the challenges admittedly aren't always fun.  Sometimes they are heart-rending.  But they are all teaching us and preparing us to eventually reach that "all" ... the perfect day when there are no more levels, and we really did master all of it.

Today, let's remember that life is always going to have ups and downs, but that we are learning.  If we're going in the right direction, we'll see clearly that we're better than we were before.  Maybe not perfect yet, but going in the right direction.  I'm Suzanne 7.3, which is better than yesterday's 7.2, and WAY better than Suzy 1.34 from when I was 6.  You know?  We're growing and learning and becoming.  Let's take heart, and keep going, even when it gets hard... and let's look forward to that last day and the lifting up part. :)

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