Monday, March 23, 2015

Genesis 15:6 -- On Belief and Hope

"And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness."
Genesis 15:6

This is a story from Abraham's life.  His wife is barren, and he has no children or prospects of children, and yet God tells him to look up at the sky, and if he can count the number of the stars, he will know how many descendants he will have.  And Abraham believes him.  I think for all of us, sometimes that simple faith, to believe in what God tells us, is everything.
Our society might call it "blind" faith, what Abraham believed here.  There were many reasons not to believe.  There are almost always many reasons to question or wonder... but how do we ever get miracles if we don't believe in them?  How does God bless our lives in impossible ways unless we are willing to see beyond the limitations of our version of "possibility?"  Jesus walked on water.  The brother of Jared moved an entire mountain.  Moses parted the Red Sea and his people walked across on dry ground.  And miracles happen every day, when we are willing to believe in and participate in them.  Today, let's figure out some basics.  Do we believe in what the Lord is telling us?  If we do, then the rest is details.  We can figure it out as we go along, because we have enough to trust and move forward.  But if we don't; if we aren't sure, then let's take some time and figure that out.  It matters.  We can act the part, for sure, and good action is something... but it isn't enough.  We have to know for ourselves.  Faith starts with belief, and that's what leads to the things that God promises us.  We have to believe in them, and know that God always keeps his promises.  Once we do, then we understand the obstacles of life as obstacles, not destiny-ending roadblocks.  We understand that the storms will end, that even if we can't see it, the future is bright with hope.  If we can't get there on our own, let's get on our knees.  God will be there.

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