Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2 Timothy 3:12 -- On Persecution and Becoming Heroes

"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."
2 Timothy 3:12

Not necessarily the thing that we want to hear, but I think that this is an important reminder.  Sometimes we want to believe that if we do what's right that our lives will be perfect and we won't have to suffer anything... but that just isn't the way it works.  We all have to learn, and grow, and that can't possibly happen without some opposition and trial, including persecution.
Today, let's do everything that we can to love people, to serve them, help them, and get along with them.  But if persecution happens anyway, let's remember that it isn't because God hates us.  It's just another sign that we're doing what's right.  Let's face our challenges and overcome them without sacrificing our principles and our belief; let's be the heroes. :)  Part of the reward is actually *being* the person that we are becoming and learning to be through the hardships, but there is plenty else in store for us as well.  Happy endings are waiting, if we can stay heroic through some of these middle chapters. :)

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