Thursday, November 27, 2014

Psalms 100:3-4 -- On Being Thankful

"Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name."
Psalms 100:3-4

I like the simplicity of these verses.  It is important to remember the basics sometimes.  God made us; we didn't make ourselves.  That one fact I think helps to put things into perspective sometimes.  If we step back and remember that, maybe we won't be so quick to doubt or demand with God, but instead to listen and learn.  We are his people, and his sheep.  He will take care of us if we listen to him and obey him.  ... Sometimes we think even that is too much, but he isn't an ogre, asking us to do unreasonable things.  He is a parent, asking us not to touch the hot stove, and to not play in the street when there is heavy traffic.  He can't always stop us if we choose to jump off a cliff, but he will always warn us not to up front, and help us to learn to walk again after we break our legs when we do it anyway.  Despite all of our rebellion, he is still there to gather us in and to help and heal anytime we turn into his arms.
God made us.  He cares for us, he provides for us, and he just asks us to stay away from things that are going to harm us long term.  Today, let's remember him and his efforts on our behalf, and be thankful for his love: for all that we are, and all that he provides.

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