Thursday, July 17, 2014

John 14:20 -- On Oneness

"At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you."
John 14:20

We read a lot in the scriptures about oneness.  In this chapter, Christ talks about the spirit dwelling in us, and that he himself will come to us and not leave us comfortless.  In John 16:32 Christ says that he is not alone, because the Father is with him.  In Moses 7:18 the Lord calls his people Zion "because they were of one heart and one mind."  In the verse above, I think significantly, Christ mentions not just that he is in his Father and in us, but that we are in him as well.  ... It isn't a one-way oneness, but we are all in each other... part of each other.
God knows everything, and specifically knows us.  What we do and also what we think.  He can be there, with us, as we think through things and make decisions.  It is a significant and powerful idea to know that we never have to be alone.  That God can always be there to help, that we're always part of something, never an outsider, never excluded.  We don't necessarily want the same thing with everyone else, but I think mostly when that kind of mental community really scares us is when we think that something we are trying to hide will be exposed.  As fallible humans, we often want to compartmentalize our image and present ourselves differently around different people.  We might be concerned, for instance, if our bosses knew what we say to our friends about our jobs, or if our younger siblings knew that we weren't always the good examples we should be.  As we learn more and more to be good people all the time, I think those conflicts between what we want people to know about us and who we really are will lessen, and hopefully, eventually, go away completely. 
I like the idea that we can be with God as well, him knowing how we are all the time, and that we can mentally or spiritually tap into *his* mind and know his thoughts on some level.  Maybe that is the idea behind "pray always" and having the spirit with us... making that mental connection and having that line of communication open, as we share our thoughts and catch impressions and feelings from God, which get clearer depending on how much we are on the same page with him.
Today, let's remember that we never have to be alone.  Let's invite God into our minds and our hearts and get his help and his comfort.  ... Let's also try to minimize the things that we are trying to hide, so we can be even more at one with other people.  Let's work on being part of each other and helping each other succeed.

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