Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Luke 19:46 -- On Houses of Prayer

"Saying unto them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves."
Luke 19:46

I think it is significant that God calls his house, the temple, the "house of prayer."  Prayer is communication with the divine, and without that communication, we would all be lost.  Even with the scriptures in front of us, we can fail to understand.  Even obeying each commandment with exactness, we can just be going through the motions.  And we *should* be reading the scriptures and obeying the commandments, for sure.  With prayer though, we have a chance to get that understanding, to get that core of meaning behind the motion.  We're actually communicating with God, and it isn't one way.
It can feel like that, of course, like prayers are bouncing off the ceiling, when we're insincere, or not fully there... distracted or doubtful.  It takes practice, and struggling with ourselves to be fully honest and open with God sometimes.  Not saying it is always simple.  But within that effort, and as a reward for that struggle, we really can touch God, and he can communicate directly to us, on an individual level.  That's a mind-boggling concept, even though we often take it for granted.
Today, no matter how good we are at praying, and even if we've given up trying... let's get on our knees and try again.  Let's have faith.  Let's be sincere, and honest, and willing to listen.  If we are, God will answer us.  It won't be a lightning bolt for most of us, I hope, but God will answer.  If we're having a hard time recognizing his answers, let's pray about that. :)  If we are having a hard time being able to concentrate or finding a place to pray quietly and privately, let's pray about that.  But no matter what it is, let's get in touch with God today.  Let's let him know how we think we're doing, and maybe ask for some advice.  He loves us.  He wants to help.  He wants to be able to communicate with us.  Let's open up that possibility, and get on our knees and listen.  God wants to tell us how much he loves us.  He wants us to feel it.  And depending on our circumstances, he might have other messages that he wants to convey.  And hey, if we are going to listen to anyone today, God is a good choice, right?  Let's take the time.  Let's make the effort.  Let's make ourselves houses of prayer, and invite God in.

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