Thursday, December 12, 2013

Proverbs 16:25

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."
Proverbs 16:25

I think that this verse is a reminder to us of how careful we need to be in life.  So often we judge things by what we think will make us happy or what we think will make us money or what we think will feel good, or look cool, or whatever it is... and occasionally we are right.  It looks cool, but then we break our leg.  Or it does make us money, but we lose something else that was more important.  And other times we're dead wrong, and it doesn't even come close to making us happy; it in fact makes us MORE miserable.  ... This isn't just me, right?  We all have learned not to trust ourselves about certain things, I hope? :)
So, who do we trust instead, and how can be become more trustworthy when it comes to being able to rely on our own judgements?  Personally, I think it is only when we start recognizing God's promptings in our lives... the feelings and thoughts that originate with God.  And I am not saying that in a blow-off way like it is simple simon, oh, just trust God.  It is *hard.*  ... Hard to recognize the difference between our feelings and God's promptings.  Hard to know afterward, because the certainty can fade quickly.  I have had a few times in my life where it was utterly obvious... but I think those times were when God was going all out, trying to stop me from screwing something up, or trying to help someone else through me.  The rest of the time it is more subtle, and the more we listen and try to follow those quiet, but always good, promptings, the more we learn how to recognize them.
Today, even if we don't know how to recognize God's touch in our lives at all, let's start learning.  Let's get down on our knees and ask him to let us know that he is there.  To teach us to listen.  And he will.  He wants us to learn to connect with him just as much as we want it.  It isn't always the same for everyone, but the spirit often feels at first like an emotion or a sensation that we wouldn't naturally be feeling at that moment.  It can be a voice in your head, a dream, or just a quiet feeling of calmness in the midst of chaos.  And if we have felt the spirit before, let's learn it better.  None of us are experts at this... and as this verse illustrates, we need God's guidance so much.  We tend so often to deceive ourselves and to get ourselves into massive trouble.  Instead of doing that again... this time, let's go to God and get some advice.  Maybe we can avoid making the same mistake for the 3,485th time.

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