Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mormon 3:20

"And these things doth the Spirit manifest unto me; therefore I write unto you all. And for this cause I write unto you, that ye may know that ye must all stand before the judgment-seat of Christ, yea, every soul who belongs to the whole human family of Adam; and ye must stand to be judged of your works, whether they be good or evil;"
Mormon 3:20

A good thing to remember.  And huge, really.  Seems scary, but I don't think it has to be.  That is why we have repentance, right?  If we didn't, judgment would condemn us all.  Christ saves us from that condemnation though, if we repent and change.  We're still going to be judged for our works, but we have a chance, now, to subtract bad works through repentance, and to add good works... through, you know, good works. :)  I feel like we all have a real chance to stand in front of Christ and for it to be a happy moment... not looking back at how we've failed, or not lived up to expectations... but instead, rejoicing together over our triumphs over sin and sorrow.  Talking about how much we've learned, even through our worst struggles.  Remembering how He helped us learn through prayer and study.
Today, let's do all we can to make that future day a happy one.  Let's let go of resentments, of bitterness, of sin.  And let's learn to love, and hope, and have faith.  Let's talk to God about our situation and where we hope to be someday... and how we can get there together.

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