Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Helaman 4:15

"And it came to pass that they did repent, and inasmuch as they did repent they did begin to prosper."
Helaman 4:15

This chapter talks about the Nephites, who at this point in history were getting pretty wicked.  Even though they were less numerous than the Lamanites, they had been miraculously preserved as a people, because God blessed them and gave them strength.  ... but when they started to let go of their belief in and obedience to God, then they became just as weak as the Lamanites.  And as Moronihah encourages them to repent, they start to prosper again.
I think that the same thing happens to us on an individual level.  Sometimes, when we are in tune with God, we are on top of the world, and everything is working out, and we feel like everything is going right.  ... Even if something goes badly wrong we can still feel okay, knowing that we can handle it, that we have that perspective and know that with God, everything will be work out in the end.  And then somehow we forget, or drift away, or sin, and lose the companionship of the spirit.  ... and suddenly, even if things are great, we start doubting and worrying.  Things seem to fall apart and we're like why, why, why... and often why is that we aren't in tune with God anymore.  Not saying that everything bad that happens in life is a punishment from God.  Totally not true.  But our perspectives about the things that happen... that can be dramatically affected by how in tune we are with the spirit.
Today, let's do some self-examination.  Let's talk to God and try to get on the same page with what we need to work on or do next.  And, as we examine our lives, as we talk to God, and as we repent of our mistakes, we'll start to feel the spirit, and we'll start to prosper in direct proportion to how much we work on getting our lives in tune with God.

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