Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 Nephi 19:3

"Yea, and even all the night it was noised abroad concerning Jesus; and insomuch did they send forth unto the people that there were many, yea, an exceedingly great number, did labor exceedingly all that night, that they might be on the morrow in the place where Jesus should show himself unto the multitude."
3 Nephi 19:3

The background to this verse is that Christ appeared to a big crowd of people who had gathered near the temple in the land of Bountiful. After he left, they knew he would return, and so they told everyone, and people did whatever they could to get there to see him the next day.
I think this is incredible. Every time I read it I wonder what it would have been like to be there... either telling people about it, or hearing about it. When we read about Christ coming, we don't usually think of the details behinds it. Where and when, and who was there. Christ lived for many years in and around Jerusalem, but that was still a relatively small part of the world. And we do hear of a few people who heard about him and traveled a long way to see him. I think it is similar here, but somewhat more urgent, because he wasn't living there for years, and they didn't know how long he would stay. I think it is cool that they worked so hard to be near the Savior. And if we were there, what wouldn't we do, really, in order to be there the next day... even if we had to walk all night, or run all night... how could we not try?
Today, even though the situation is not identical, let's go forward with that same determination to be close to the Lord. Let's make that kind of amazing valiant effort to prepare ourselves to listen and learn from all that he has to say.

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