Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Romans 10:13

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Romans 10:13

Prayer is so important... it helps us through everything. God is always there, listening, and wanting to help us... wanting us to ask for the right things. :) And today, when I read it, I was waiting for something to save on the computer, and thought of it in a different way as well. Sometimes you save things so that you don't lose them... so you have a backup copy if something goes wrong. And if you're doing something really important, you start saving more often since you are a little more paranoid about losing it... and maybe it is that way with prayer as well. We're communicating with God and remembering who we are each time we talk to him... restoring the original, trying to prevent corruption in the database. :) We work out our lives, repenting, growing, but always coming back to save, because we need that core reminder of who we are... what we can become, so that we don't lose ourselves in the datastream. Perhaps an odd analogy, but what I was thinking about today. Today, let's remember to pray... to talk to God about our lives, and remember what we're working toward, with God. If nothing else, a Zion society... a place where there is no contention, and it is easy to remember ourselves. :)

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