Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doctrine and Covenants 19:23 -- On the Offer of Peace

"Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me."
Doctrine and Covenants 19:23

God is amazingly cool. Not that it is always easy to do what he says... which is basically to get over ourselves... :) but, the peace he talks about in this verse is always there, held out and offered to us. He promises us that if we can just do some basic things... learn about him, listen to him, walk with him... we'll have peace. And, isn't that something that we all could use?

Often we wait until we lose that inner core of peace to turn to God. Then we get desperate, we need it back, and so we start pleading with him. Not that he doesn’t listen, but wouldn’t it be so much easier for us if we held on to him all the time? :) Today, let's work on keeping God around, and talk to him about this scripture. He is offering us peace. Let’s take him up on the offer. :)


  1. this is one of my FAVE scriptures! I find myself humming the song it inspired quite often on stressful days.

  2. i just googled this scripture for fhe and found an indies band with the same name on face book lol. way cool!

  3. Cool. :) I just tried it... "D&C 19:23" out of Provo. That's Awesome. :)


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