Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nahum 1:7 -- On Permanence

"The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him."
Nahum 1:7

This is kind of cool.  The Lord is something to hold onto in the day of trouble.  The immovable permanence that we seek.

I think there is something compelling about permanence.  Something that doesn't change no matter what hits it, something that is unbreakable, that can't be taken away... a connection that cannot be severed. That is the kind of solidity that God offers us... both in himself, and his relationship with us, but also in the opportunity that he gives us to be sealed to one another.  We are all bound together as families, but families that all interconnect somewhere, so as a community as well.  Nothing can take that away... and sometimes when things seem very impermanent and ethereal, it is good to know that there is solidity and permanence somewhere. :)

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