Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mosiah 24:7 -- On the Children of God

"And thus the Lamanites began to increase in riches, and began to trade one with another and wax great, and began to be a cunning and a wise people, as to the wisdom of the world, yea, a very cunning people, delighting in all manner of wickedness and plunder, except it were among their own brethren."
Mosiah 24:7

The idea here, of treating our own group well, and not being concerned with how we treat others, seems to be pretty pervasive in our society.  We might not plunder, but, like the Lamanites, we definitely don't always treat others the way we should, especially when they aren't in whatever group that we have defined for ourselves as people that are like us.

Today, let's not delight in wickedness in any form by ignoring or harming any of our brothers, sisters, and neighbors, or thinking that only our families or people similar to us are worthy of respect and compassion.  Perhaps we can remember Christ who asked us to love each other--even our enemies, and to lift and serve others.  We are all brothers and sisters, the children of God.

Let's be wise but harmless (Matthew 10:16) as we focus on God and his teachings and not the wisdom of the world.  We don't always understand why God asks what he does, but following his path and his teachings is always the best choice.  If we don't feel love for a certain group of people, let's pray and ask God to teach us.  He definitely will.

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