Friday, April 14, 2017

Mosiah 22:15-16 -- On Being Lost

"And now it came to pass when the Lamanites had found that the people of Limhi had departed out of the land by night, that they sent an army into the wilderness to pursue them;
And after they had pursued them two days, they could no longer follow their tracks; therefore they were lost in the wilderness."
Mosiah 22:15-16

This is an interesting part of the Book of Mormon.  The story that precedes it is the story of Limhi and his people, who just before this finally escape from Lamanite bondage and make it to Zarahemla. That story has been concluded, but kind of as an aside, this part is added about the Lamanite army chasing them and getting lost.  This army though shows up again later, because although they were lost in the wilderness and couldn't find their way home, they did, in fact, find other people, and became the impetus for the people of Alma also going to Zarahemla.

At the beginning of Lehi's dream he finds himself lost "in a dark and dreary waste" (1 Nephi 8:7).  Then Lehi prays and God shows him the way.  That and these verses, and so much else in the scriptures and in life shows us that being lost isn't unusual, or hopeless, or tragically unrecoverable.  It's normal, and something that reminds us that God is in charge... that he knows the way when we do not, and even when we think that we do.  Sometimes we need to be lost to be humble.  God sees the whole picture, and guides us where he will, to accomplish good in our lives, and to guide his people to where they need to be to accomplish his good and righteous purposes.

"He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it" (Matthew 10:39).  Sometimes to discover new places, new lands, and new lives, we have to lose the old ones. Today, if we feel lost and alone, let's remember that being lost is often the pathway to a promised (and better) land.   Let's also remember that God always knows the way, and that he can help us find it if we turn to him.  It might not always be back to the familiar, but it will be back to happiness and peace and love.  God's path always leads to something better than anything that has gone before.

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