Monday, January 9, 2017

Matthew 10:30 -- On Hair and Detail and Light

"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered."
Matthew 10:30

Sometimes we get so caught up in the world trying to tell us how bad things are and how hopeless it all is that we don't stop and consider where our hope comes from.  All the things that we might be influenced to see that are conspiring against us, or against the world working right, are more than countered by God, and "all things" (D&C 88:13; 41; Moses 6:61) working together for our good (Romans 8:28; D&C 90:24; 98:3; 100:15; 105:40).

The hair on our heads, individually, is beyond counting.  Not that it doesn't have a number, but like the sand or the stars, the number is so great, and so difficult to ascertain, that we don't try.  It's like Genesis 41:49 when Joseph was trying to count the corn that he was storing, but gave up and just said it was without number.  Or the thoughts of God in Psalms 139:17-18.  And yet God cares enough to number them.  It shows the level of detail and caring that he has for us, not just our hair of course, but how he cares for all of us on an incredibly detailed level.  We know that he knows the "thoughts and the intents" of our hearts (D&C 6:16), and he also, through the atonement, has felt every pain and sickness and trial that we suffer.

The truth is that nothing the world can bring can possibly even begin to compare to what God has planned, and already moving forward.  His plan, and his love, are more detailed and complete and perfect than anything we can imagine, and no offense or catastrophe or loss or world-wide problem is big enough to shake anything that God builds.  So, today, let's listen to God, and be willing to be anchored in him.  Let's look to him when we have any worries or doubts, because he is bigger and stronger and better than any darkness or fear.  Let's look for the hope that is all around us, because of him, and not be blinded by the clouds that are trying to hide his glory and brightness.  If we look, it will shine through everywhere, including in us, and the people around us.  Let's hope, and trust, and love, and give, and serve, because we don't need to fear.  We have the very God who can number the hair on the head of every person who has ever lived on earth on our side.  Do we think that he is going to forget any detail, or let anything fall through the cracks?  He never will.  As we look to him and have faith in his goodness, we will have hope and joy and be able to see his shining light in the darkness that the world often tries to impose.


  1. What's also amazing is that even though he is aware of us and cares about us on such a detailed level, He doesn't micro-manage us to that same extent. He gives us our agency.

  2. True. That is also miraculous. He knows we are going to make mistakes, but he can step back and allow us to learn without forcing us to do it his way. Kind of like a dad teaching a kid to ride a bike, or sending us off to college... offering advice and wisdom, but not stepping in to do more unless we ask.


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