Wednesday, August 17, 2016

3 Nephi 21:23-25 -- On Meeting God in Person

"And they shall assist my people, the remnant of Jacob, and also as many of the house of Israel as shall come, that they may build a city, which shall be called the New Jerusalem.
And then shall they assist my people that they may be gathered in, who are scattered upon all the face of the land, in unto the New Jerusalem.
And then shall the power of heaven come down among them; and I also will be in the midst."
3 Nephi 21:23-25

What struck me today about these verses is the last part: "and I also will be in the midst."  I love that idea that God himself will come and join us, not only in the way that he is always a part of our lives, but his actual physical presence.  It reminds me of the story of his appearance earlier in 3 Nephi, and how people spent all night trying to get to where he would return the next day.  And really, who wouldn't, for an opportunity like that?

I love that we have something like that to look forward to... that there is hope amidst all of the chaos of life that something that momentous is coming.  Just that idea reminds me not to give up, and that there is a lot to work and prepare for.  Something that it would be so amazing to be a part of.

I'm not saying that God is going to come down tomorrow and help us build the New Jerusalem.  But I am saying, that soon or far off, we are all going to meet him in person, and that is a thought that should fill us with hope and motivation and joy.  And if it also brings a little fear, then let's clean up our lives, and move towards the joy side instead. :)  Today, let's look forward to that hope of the future, and make ourselves and the world around us just a little bit more ready for that day. :)

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